This Is 4 Great Tips for You To Prevent Stomach Aches After Eating

What is better than not having a stomach ache after eating? By having the ability and know how to prevent one from coming on. So you are not feeling miserable and afraid to eat or drink anything in fear that you might make your stomach problems worse. And to get you started on the road to prevention, here are 4 tips to set you on that road to freedom.


1. Allergy and Intolerance.
If you suffer often with a stomach ache after eating meals or snacks on a consistent basis, you might have an allergy or intolerance to certain foods. If you suspect either of those two, you might want to start a meal log and write down what you have eaten and mark the meals that give you stomach aches.

And then you can slowly delete foods that are constantly in the meals that cause you to feel bad. And when you finally delete the ingredient that is causing all of the fuss in your stomach, your stomach aches might disappear entirely. After all a content stomach equals to good digestion and improved nutrition absorption.

2. Eat a Good Healthy Diet.
Remember to stay on a healthy nutritious diet and eat the foods that are structured towards digestive and stomach problems. And this is very important, you might want to look into food combining. As there are foods that take more stomach acid, peptins to digest than others, some are more alkaline in nature and they all process differently.

And combining the wrong foods can lead to stomach aches after eating and other digestive ailments. If you combine the right foods together you should not have problems with gas and sour or stomach aches related to digestion and have lots of energy.

3. Preventing Difficulty with Gas.
If you usually have bouts with gas causing pressure and stomach aches after eating a meal or snack, try drinking peppermint tea or anything with real peppermint not the artificially flavored peppermint if all possible before a meal or after.

4. Eating Fennel.
Also you might want to try eating fennel seeds, try adding fennel on top of fish and roast in the oven or chew them up by themselves. They are a good source of soluble fiber and help with gas and spasms of colon.

But fennel does act like a mild laxative and stimulates mobility so if you are having problems with diarrhea, then you should forgo fennel. Fennel has all sort of other curative properties so you might want to research more on it.

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